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Samsung Galaxy Buds (black)


The black Samsung Galaxy Buds are true wireless in-ear headphones offering hassle-free, intuitive operation, robust sound reproduction, and IPX2-rated splash resistance for athletes, travelers, office workers, and entrepreneurs. Boasting a compact and cable-free design, a comfortable fit, and drivers tuned by AKG, they keep you plugged into your content without the threat of tangled wires breaking your vibe. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, the Galaxy Buds support high-quality audio codecs, and mitigate dropouts for uninterrupted enjoyment.


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Product Line: Samsung
Manufacturer Part No.: SM-R170NZKAXAR
SKU: 60676 Category:


Key Features

• Drivers Tuned by AKG
• Selectable Ambience Audibility
• Convenient Touch Control
• Adaptive Dual-Microphone Technology
• Internal Rechargeable 6-Hour Batteries
• Charging Case for Extra 7 Hours of Use
• IPX2 Rating for Splash Resistance
• Automatic Sync with Android Devices
• Includes 3 Sizes of Eartips & Wingtips
• Supports Charging via Wireless or USB


The selectable Ambient Aware mode ensures audibility of outside sounds such as traffic, amplified announcements, and coworkers, while adaptive dual-microphone technology delivers consistent voice clarity to your conversation partners. Switch tracks, answer calls, and activate Ambient Aware mode via the touch controls, or utilize Bixby integration for powerful voice commands that let you leave your mobile device alone.

Syncing with compatible Android devices is as easy as opening the charging case, and familiar pairing over Bluetooth lets you smoothly transition between Galaxy devices. Internal rechargeable batteries yield up to six hours of play time; the charging case adds seven more hours, and can be recharged wirelessly or via a USB Type-C connection. If you don’t have time to a wait on a full recharge, a quick 15-minute charge will give up to 1.7 extra hours of use.

Additional information

Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

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